24 Mar 4 Reasons Why a Great Restaurant App Can Increase Your Revenue

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Increase Your Revenue

By Caeley Elcock

There have been rumours and whispers afoot recently around the idea that restaurant apps represent the future for the food service industry – and they’re all true! Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? Seriously though, it’s fantastic news that restaurant big-wigs are recognising the shift towards technological support, but most of the talk centres on customer experience and we know there’s more to tell.

The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do for our clients’ businesses, and our apps make this a priority, sure, but they do so much more besides. Example? A C5 app can help you can increase your bottom line with minimum effort and expense – sounds good right? Keep reading to find out how.

Let us introduce our “3 Reasons Why a Great Restaurant App Can Increase Your Revenue”… not the catchiest, we know, but it does what it says on the tin so to speak!

1. In-app Menu Browsing

We don’t want to let the secret out or anything but… customers don’t like waiting! Okay, it’s not a great new revelation but it’s still the truth.

With a C5 app your customers no longer need to drive in and take up valuable space in your restaurant while they peruse take-out options. Instead, they can grab destiny by the horns and make their choices well in advance.  Case in point: your guests can make view menus in-app keeping your premises clear of queues – they can then place an order for delivery or pick-up – really simple and even more effective.

2. Keep Cool in the Rush with Full Control

It’s the Saturday night rush and the orders are piling up. Let’s face it, you’re going to be a little late on a few deliveries, aren’t you? But hey, that’s okay and customers usually don’t mind waiting a little longer for their favourite grub – as long as they know about it. When orders are unexpectedly late customers get irked so we’ve got a handy fix for you.

With our apps, you have control of the back end. That means if you’ve got people coming in to collect deliveries you can easily change pick-up times, even sending them a notification of the change. Plus, you can alter delivery estimates so your customers know exactly when to expect that welcome knock on the door.

3. Get Friendly with Guests

Okay so technical time is over and we can start to look at the fun stuff – getting social.

An app allows your customers to easily stay in touch with you via your social platforms and sending out push notifications for delicious deals and new dishes is all part of the package too. You can also keep track of how much specific customers are spending and what they order with our extensive analytics, allowing you to have more of a personal touch and email offers and coupons specifically for them. Your client base will love the personal touch and it keeps your night flowing.

4. Embrace Technology to Boost Your Bottom Line

Restaurants make their mark by providing personal service and work hard to build a loyal customer-base and there’s no doubt that this will continue to be the root of success in the industry. We know technology like tablets and smartphones will never be able to fully replace the personal touch of a human server – a microchip doesn’t know just how much parmesan you like sprinkled on your Arrabiata, and it won’t be inclined to sing you happy birthday with a clientele chorus.

That’s okay though, because our aim isn’t to replace the real-life people out there running the floor and serving plates like the pros they are. We just know better than anyone that integrating high-tech innovation into your restaurant can increase your revenue and improve your customers’ experience and, really, who can argue with that?


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