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Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Push It

By Ian Barclay

If you’re not using push marketing then you’re missing out – it’s that simple. Customers are used to notifications and most will opt to allow them meaning they get a handy and welcome reminder when their favourite restaurant has a new deal or their order is ready for collection. It’s an increasingly popular way to keep the communication rivers flowing like the Thames and we wanted to share our top 5 tips to use it to your best advantage.

1. Check the Value

Customers can turn off push notifications, we all know that. But are they really so likely to push that X button if the information being sent is right on the money in relevance terms? We think not. Focus you notifications around what is already of value to a customer – what they’re purchasing, their buyer history and what might be of interest to them in the future, or even further services or email support. Customers like it best when a notification adds value to what they’re already getting or already have – trust us, we know about these things!

2. Relevancy

It’s annoying when you’re innocently buying a pair of voile net curtains and the next thing you know you’re getting price-alert notifications on discount car exhausts. Relevancy is key to successful notification-sending and your customers won’t thank you for getting it wrong. Make sure your push technology promotes products based on preferences and is aligned with the right brand or you could be in danger of putting off your best curtain-buyer and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

3. Maintain Consistency

So your brand colours are blue and yellow but your notification pop-up is white with purple spots… interesting. Push messages have to be consistent with the rest of your brand – you don’t see McDonalds going off-piste with their colouring and nor should you. Customers will delete or turn off an unfamiliar-looking notification but stick to your brand identity with your pushes and they’ll know who’s calling for their attention.

4. Engage the Customer

Where are your peaks and troughs when it comes to customer engagement with push notifications? What output wins when it comes to interaction figures? These are essential questions for every brand to know but we’re not going to just give you the answer. Consider it your homework to find out and we’ll come to the next meeting armed with our red pen and “Well Done” sticker book for when you get it right.

Joking aside, you need to keep the content of your notifications fresh and in line with the information you collect from the questions above because then you already know that what you’re putting out there has a history of success. Timing is key too and looking into peak engagement times can give you an idea when to send out those little hellos.

5. Keep It Up

Improve the push notifications over time to keep customers coming back. People don’t want to hear the same thing each time so mix it up like a fresh dee-jay on the decks or, you know, maybe just like a restaurant owner with a deal of the day to shout about. Remember though, your guests aren’t your mum – they don’t want to hear from you everyday day so play it cool with consistent updates but without coming across overbearing with daily updates.


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  • Push notifications add value
  • Be relevant
  • Be consistent with your brand
  • Keep customers coming back

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