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It’s Friday night and the options are endless!

Apps for After Dark

By Jane Mackinnon

It’s Friday night and the options are endless when it comes to getting a quiet pint (just the one, of course) or cutting some serious shapes on the dance floor. At C5, our preference is always for a sophisticated start with a distinctly 80s karaoke vibe by 1am… but enough about our shameful love of Karma Chameleon duets. With so much competition – especially in city centres – for revelers’ attentions, it’s time to get your bar or club ahead of the game with your very own app.

Here’s our top 6 reasons to go down the tech track:

1) Everyone’s Mobile

Gone are the days of dial up when you had to wait until the other half was off the phone to access the web through your desktop. Now, more people than ever use a mobile device to get to their favourite pages and when Saturday night comes around that’s exactly how they’ll be getting their Google on. Unless the vino intake had a strong start, if people are looking for the next bar or club to venture to they’re going to ask the holy grail of web-searching rather than a stranger in the pub so getting your place tech-ready is key. If your business has an app and your competition doesn’t, guess who’s winning already?

2) Give Yourself a Promotion

No two weekends are the same in the world of after-dark revelry. It’s a veritable sea of special offers, guest list opportunities and party nights so how are punters supposed to know exactly what’s going on? How do you make sure a middle-aged man who just wants to watch the match doesn’t stumble into Conga-night? The fun answer is you don’t, because the consequences would make a hilarious Snapchat story. Serious answer – by having an app, of course.

Regulars can use it to check what’s going on at your gaffe on any given night and even add events they’d like to attend to their phone calendars for alerts. Promos on your app can increase attendance too and since no one likes an empty party it can only be a good thing. 

3) Push Notifications

Communicating with your crowd is essential. Street-team aside, what’s the one way that guarantees you’ll get your message across? Push notifications. Anyone who downloads your app and allows them will get an alert when you make menu or drinks list changes, put a promo offer up or even invite them to the next guest-DJ night. Phones are practically an extension of the human body these days (weird, just go with it) so make sure you’re making the most of your customers’ screen time.   

4) Loyalty Pays

Those little stamp cards for coffee shops are great. We love counting the days till that free cup of Jo is ours but realistically, would we remember to take something similar out with us to a club? Or would we have two beers and forget our own names never mind our loyalty cards? Unfortunately, the latter is true so get a loyalty scheme going on your app and your customers will be forever grateful since phones are never forgotten.

5) Engage Your Target

Any nigthclub manager worth their salt knows that after a heady mix of drinks and Instagram your venue will feature on countless social media posts the next day. An app allows you to take control of that conversation, and use it to your advantage. You can offer customers a way to share their photos and updates directly with other partygoers, helping to spread the word about your business.

6) Taxi for One

Safety comes first and your bar or nightclub needs to make responsibility its middle name. Designed right, an app can help you call a cab from a local company with a single click, allowing your patrons to enjoy the night without worries of not getting home safely. Don’t tell us that’s not the best thing you’ve heard all week!

Getting an app can set you apart from your competition. Not that life is a competition but…oh no wait, it is. And C5 are the winners – yes! Sorry, tangent, it’s the taking part that counts… but really you want to be ahead of the game and with an app you can make sure you’re a few steps in front of your rivals. Free marketing with social media sharing, push notifications to get your guests on the list early and safety features too – what’s not to like?


Firewater Apple App
Firewater Android App


  • Gone are the days of dial up
  • Promos on your app can increase attendance
  • Phones are practically an extension of the human body
  • Getting an app can set you apart from your competition

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