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It’s like smart-phone city out there!

Online Food Ordering Takes the Lead

By Ian Barclay

Do you pine for the days when your customers had to shout their order down the phone into the ear of a busy server in the kitchen, battling against more background decibels than an AC/DC concert? Yeah… us neither.

Online food ordering and restaurant apps are big business right now and when it comes to new technology jumping on the wave sooner rather than later is the order of the day (pun number one, expect more!).

If you’re still not convinced, let us make like lawyers for a second and outline our case to the jury.

Smart Phone City

Gosh, it’s like smart-phone city out there isn’t it? So goes the famous phrase that we definitely didn’t make up just now to try and shoe-horn some alliteration into the piece…

The world was in awe back in the early noughties when palm-sized wonders could make calls and take photos. What was once believed to be over-priced wizardry and generally unaffordable to the masses is now commonplace, everyone and their granny has a smartphone and it’s the kind of trend that’ll never reverse. Apparently, 200 million people around the world use a smartphone so make sure your business is online to catch your clientele.

Streamlined Ordering

Order pads strewn all over the counter, customers queueing to hand over cash, oven timer alerting you to a rapidly burning calzone – just a standard picture of how traditional ordering methods can get messy. If orders are difficult to place or misinterpreted, punters can get put off.

That’s simply not the case when it comes to online ordering. People can log on to your ordering site or app and make choices at their own convenience – no waiting on hold, no repeating themselves parrot-style. Tracking orders is a possibility too, meaning customers can count down the minutes until deliciousness is theirs. Informed customers equal happy customers, trust us on that one.

More Accurate Orders

When you order a korma and get a jalfrezi. Yeah, that. It’s like all the gods have conspired against you and you start reevaluating your life choices, convinced that nothing will ever go right for you again. Your customer says bye-bye to their confidence in your business and you can kiss good-bye to some cash as you whip up a replacement order. Online ordering and food apps practically eliminate inaccurate orders by removing the possibility of misheard phone exchanges and can produce an order chart that’s easier to read than your ABCs.

Free Advertising

Did someone just say free advertising? Yes, we did. And we meant it. Online marketing is the big cheese when it comes to getting your name out there and creating Facebook and Instagram pages costs literally nothing. The devil is in the detail though so make sure you upload engaging content that’ll make your audience smile. Recent stats show that average users spend 68 hours a month on the web so make like a spider and catch them while they’re there – not sure if that was a pun or just a weird arachnid analogy…

The upshot is, if you want to be a trailblazer you’ll need to get your tech side right. Online ordering is standard these days and if you’re not offering it, you’re lagging behind the competition. With smoother processes and marketing potential as part of the package, what’s not to like?


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  • Everyone and their granny has a smartphone
  • Online Ordering: no waiting on hold, no repeating yourself
  • Informed customers equal happy customers
  • Online marketing is the big cheese

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