03 Aug Make the Most of Push Technology

Using push notifications can help you get ahead of your competition.


By Jane Mackinnon

It is obvious to everyone that more and more people are using their smart phones as vital assistants to enable them to perform more and more effectively. The uses are virtually unlimited but clearly include search functions, research, analysis, and decision-making for even every day activities like eating out. There is such a wealth of information available on-line that a restaurant seeking to become known as an excellent source of specific food and libations would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity offered by smart phone usage by its customers. At least 64% of all people in the USA have and use a smart phone daily and that includes virtually everyone who orders at your restaurant – just look at how many are using their phones while they wait for their initial order to arrive!

What are the advantages? Convenience! The user can find the type of food and location he or she wants, look at the menu, make a choice, reserve a time and # of people, and even pay for the transaction, right on their phone they carry in their hand – without the hassles inherent in talking to a live person. A recent article by I’m In Marketing noted how apropos this is for busy people who know exactly what they want and when they want it. An application like this promotes customer loyalty due to meeting their needs so well and – why not include a provision for rewarding that customer loyalty? Your website should enable on-line ordering for anyone on-line via their desktop or laptop as well. 62% of mobile users won’t choose a restaurant if they can’t see the menu on-line!

This on-line food ordering platform can include push notifications, which are read by 97% of users, and targeted advertising to those who download the application to their phone. This also cuts out the middleman in the transaction with results that go right to your profit margin. In addition, there are apps that integrate into your logistic system and automatically update your inventory. You can get ahead of your completion – 95% of restaurants don’t have an application yet! So, we have increased customer turnover and loyalty, more orders, better marketing, demand and supply efficiency, better information on your customer likes and how you can improve, and lowered your costs. Sounds like you should get this process in place as soon as possible!

Here at Connect 5 Media, we can give you an integrated web presence of a mobile website, a desktop site, and an application with all of them optimized for search engines. No new equipment is needed so there is no additional capital investment required. We can do it all with your existing equipment and train your staff in how to use and respond to the additional orders. It is set up to use social media like Facebook and Twitter which increases your on-line presence and ease of use.  If you want to do a promotion or offer a discount coupon, that is easily added to the website and application.  A booking system for reservations, your address and GPS directions to your restaurant, and image galleries to show off the ambience and décor of your showplace are all easily made an integral part of the application and website. Your customer can leave feedback for you, scan QR codes, and even participate in custom surveys. While it is still important to walk around your establishment for the personal touch and make yourself available for questions, this application increases your information on customer satisfaction. Your platform comes with detailed reporting and analytics to show you what is trending and who your best customers are.

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  • Make it convenient. Right on their phone.
  • An App promotes loyalty to your brand, not a 3rd party.
  • Get an integrated web presence optimized for search engines.

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