15 Jul Most used Apps: Kat, Designer

Some of our favourite apps, what are yours?


By Marissa Waite

Considering we at Connect 5 Media spend a lot of times thinking about apps, we thought we’d take the time to get to know our designer, Kat,  a little bit and ask which apps she uses the most through out the day. 


I am constantly taking pictures, it probably really annoys my friends. But I love documenting everything even if no one is going to look at it. But it is a great way to stay in touch with people since a great deal of my family and friends live very far away. Plus I have spent a lot of time using Photoshop and it is great being able to edit photos within an “instant.”


This is a new one for me, but I really like it. It’s a design app, to design images and overlay text and shapes on top. It’s a creative way to express yourself that goes one step further then Instagram. I’m definitely still playing with this one, but I’m really excited to experiment. I mean who hasn’t wanted to add stickers and text to Instagram photos. I’m a sucker for all ways of creating things and this is the next up coming way to do so, in my opinion.

Nike Fuel

Well I got my Fuel Band for Christmas and the app with it and I’m pretty obsessed. I didn’t think I was a wearable tech kind of person, but I now use it everyday. The app works with the bracelet and I have loved to watch my day and work outs illustrated. I love visuals as you can probably tell and this is a nice way to get fit and stay motivated.


This one seems like a leap for me because it is articles and stories. Yes, I do like to read on my phone too not just take and edit photos. My favourite bit about this app is that it is filled with unique stories. You can write your own and read anyone else’s, but at the same time companies and famous author’s have stories on there as well. It is an endless supply of inspiration. It is also extremely easy to highlight and tweet sections of the stories. It’s nice to read diverse stories and they are usually quick and short. Honestly one of the best apps for any commute.

Juice Garden

Who doesn’t love juice? Especially at a press of a button. I just love juice and smoothies and it is the best being able to speed up the process of getting in my health kick. If I actually lived in the delivery area I know exactly where I would be ordering from all the time. Plus I know how to get in my cleanse before my holiday.


Juice Garden Site
Juice Garden Android App
Juice Garden Apple App


Kat’s Most Used Apps:

  • Instagram
  • Studio
  • Nike Fuel
  • Medium
  • Juice Garden

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