18 Apr Online Food Ordering

Convenient for you and your customer!

There’s an App for that!

By Jane Mackinnon

We’re all glued to our phones, let’s be honest. The minute we see that battery juice receding, unabashed confidence is ours as we run to the nearest restaurant, café or even accost strangers on the street – someone, anyone, must have a charger! Our lives are entwined with those palm-sized wonders for a reason though – they’re now vital in many of our everyday decisions. Search functions, research and analysis help inform what we’re going to do on a daily basis and there’s such a huge amount of info available online that any fine food establishment looking to make a name for itself would be foolish not to jump on the smart phone information bandwagon. The numbers speak for themselves; right now 76% of UK adults own a smart phone and your restaurant could be beaming information straight into their hands.

So what are the advantages? Convenience, of course! Your customers can find the type of food they want at a location of their choice, plus they can browse the menu in advance. All this and more is possible through an online presence and a recent article by I’m In Marketing noted how beneficial this is for busy people who know exactly what they want and when they want it. Serving your customer’s needs in the web world means they’re likely to want you to serve their appetites too so why not have a loyalty rewards scheme connected to online ordering as an incentive?

Just like us, an online food ordering platform has hidden depths. It’s not just a fancy way to get good grub from kitchen to mouth, it’s a handy marketing tool too. Push notifications are read by 97% of users so make sure you make them relevant and enticing and you can slash that advertising budget elsewhere. In other number-crunching news it’s thought that 95% of restaurants don’t have an App yet so grab that head-start by the horns and begin the design process for your eatery before the competition catches on. 

So what can the whizz kids at Connect 5 Media do for you? We want to the world to know about your restaurant and want to use the power of the mighty App to rise to the challenge. Even better, no new equipment is needed so there is no additional capital investment required – can’t say fairer than that!  We’ll even show our friendly faces and train your staff in how to use and respond to the additional orders and add things in this system – like if you’re feeling flush and want to offer your customers a discount coupon.  In-App, a booking system for reservations, your address and GPS directions to your restaurant, as well as image galleries to show off your place’s unique ambience are all at your fingertips. When all’s said and done and the only trace of your involvement is empty takeout cartons or plates and happy tums, customers can leave feedback for you, scan QR codes and even participate in custom surveys.

Everyone loves to see a true restaurateur at work so while it is still important to walk around your establishment for the personal touch and shoot the breeze with regulars, our Apps can add to your on-the-ground knowledge about customer satisfaction. Apps come with detailed reporting and analytics to show you what is trending and who your best customers are – the stats are addictive!


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  • We’ll make it easy for you!
  • No need for new equipment
  • We’ll train your staff
  • In-App booking system
  • Your address and GPS directions

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