04 May Apps We Love: RingGo

Don’t  stuck without coins for that parking meter again!

Parking-ticket-hell-rescuing-app RingGo

By Marissa Waite

Ever been caught up the creek without a paddle? Not known where to turn? Dissolved into a puddle of blind panic and considered jacking it all and living in seclusion in the Aussie outback, so catastrophic is your failure at Adulting?

We’re not talking about being in the throes of an existential crises, or even alluding to the meaning of life, the universe and everything (thanks D.A. – geeky 80s comedy sci-fi reference there, if you get it you’re almost as cool as us, almost). No, we’re on about that awful moment, the moment when you know you should have just taken your dad’s nagging seriously and got a change tin together, just a few coins would have done it but no, you had to be independent, have your own ideas about how to do things.

Well, now you’ve really gone and done it. You’ve executed a parallel park your old instructor – let’s call him Barry – would have been proud of. But Barry wouldn’t be so pleased with your behavior now, would he? Your furtive glances out of the window to see whether the hi-vis clad inspector has seen you pull up, your swift calculations of how much time you really need to stop here, your frantic scrabbles in the glove compartment. Let’s face it, the creek is deep and your means of getting out it are nowhere to be found – you’ve got no coins for the parking meter.

A first-world problem, sure, and one with a practical, functional first-world answer – an app. Yes – *fist pumps the air* – we get to talk about our favorite topic! This week we want to sing the praises of parking-ticket-hell-rescuing-app, RingGo.

When your wallet isn’t forthcoming on the dollar, RingGo is a true lifesaver. So, what’s the deal? Well it’s totally free, which always a good start, and is essential if you find yourself regularly parking in on-street city spaces. Most parking meters will have a RingGo reference number pasted to them but if not, the app has a handy location finder map so you can zoom in and look for the street you’re parked on – especially good when you’ve walked away and forgotten about getting a ticket (not that we’ve ever done that…ahem). The in-app map – cool rhyme, anyone? – is linked up to your phone’s GPS too. They whisper sweet-nothings into each other’s ear and when they’re not doing that they team up to get you to whichever location is the preferred spot for your wheels.

This nifty little number stores your previous parking sessions according to your account information so it’s perfect if you find yourself in the same areas of the city regularly as you won’t have to go through the search options again. Plus, you can extend your parking session in-app meaning there’s no panic-stricken rush back to the car to top up the ticket and you can opt for an SMS warning to be sent out when your time’s almost up. There are even some offers available to app users such as 50p off certain locations – might not sound much but it all helps, right? Paying for the session is super easy with stored card details which you can update at any time and you can list more than one vehicle – useful if you’ve borrowed the other half’s Porsche for the day (we wish).

All in all, a cracking little app with a simple aesthetic and useful functions, highly recommended by yours truly.


RingGo Android App
RingGo Apple App


  • Adulting is hard.
  • No need for coins for the parking meter.
  • Don’t rush back to the car to top up the ticket.

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