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Making Your Restaurant App Something to Sing About

By Dan Cadden

When was the last time you put down your mobile and truly paid it no attention? Is your tablet so ingrained in daily life you’re left wondering whether you should include in your Will so it’ll be looked after when you’re gone? Okay, maybe you’ve not taken that step quite yet but anything with an interactive screen is fast becoming a member of the family. And if you’re doing it, the rest of the world is too, which is why any business on the up is taking advantage of that fact and getting an app built to boost uptake.

With so much competition for our screen time having a simple restaurant app just won’t cut it these days. Yours needs to stand out from the crowd, shine against the competition, catch people’s eyes… had enough clichés yet? The point is, people have to have a reason for pulling your app up on screen above others and order your food.

What you need, then, is an app designed by a company with your needs in mind. A company full of tech geniuses with creative ideas to get your app right to the top of the click-list. A company – okay that’s enough – us, you need us.

Make it Visual

Ordering apps in the days of old often had customers practically texting in an order – boring! An effective app should have plenty of visual appeal to get people excited about the delights they’re about to taste. Photos of your food can do wonders – we’ve heard urban legends about a customer eating their phone after mistaking it for a pizza, so lifelike was the photography (eating phones not recommended).  Joking aside, your app has to look inviting in order to catch the attention of your clientele and Connect 5 have a bunch of tricks up our sleeves to help make it happen.

Offer Ways to Save

Deal sites do well these days, don’t they? People are itching to save money where they can so making it a possibility with your app will steer them in your direction. Create your own coupons from your food ordering platforms for customers to use in-app and you’re likely to see a solid uptake (wow, that’s as close to business-talk we’ve ever gotten!). Combine it with some marketing for good measure – if customers want a discount get them to share your app on social media, nothing like a bit of free advertising, is there?

Show Me the Money

Carrying cash is sooo last year. Some of us like to keep notes handy but more than ever people pay with credit and debit cards, or even through apps. It’s easier for you, your customers and delivery drivers if you can take payments in-app so this functionality is a must for most businesses. Make sure your system is secure so no one is running off with anyone’s card details and consider offering the option to save payment information for next time so future purchases are even more simple.

Fully Customized Menus

You can opt to keep your design simple but you don’t want it to look run of the mill. It’s still your app so the menus should be fully customized making sure layout, content and colour scheme match the rest of your brand material. At Connect 5 Media we’re chock-full of design ideas and love to utilize a fancy graphic to keep your app looking slick and professional.

Sharing’s Caring

Who doesn’t love a good social media share? Make your app easily shareable or even let customers post their feedback to their page and get people talking online. It can boost your downloads and net more business and is a simple way of marketing without money.


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  • Catch the attention of your clientele
  • Take payments in-app.
  • People are itching to save money.
  • Fully customized menus
  • Customer feedback

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