23 May Social Cues

Get your comedy on.

Social Cues: Promoting Your App on Social Media

By Kat Nowotny

Unless you’ve been living under a cosy-looking rock for the past decade then you’ll know that social media is the non-human leader of all the world. Too drastic? Well then you must have been cave-manning it up for a while because it’s true – the power of social media reaches far beyond filtering photos for optimum skin glow, we plan our day and future with it and it’s not about to change.

Here are the facts: Facebook currently has 1.4 billion active users; Google+ 363 million; Instagram 300 million; Twitter 284 million (Jeff Bullas). That’s some hefty figures right there and your app should be taking advantage of them. Having a social media profile for your business means turning these numbers into a potential client base and boosting your reach far beyond your local area – putting up a link to your app results in more downloads and from that, custom. Need more proof? 71% of all online adults use Facebook; 28% use Linkedin; 28% use Pinterest; 26% use Instagram; and 23% use Twitter (Pew Research Center).

While your great-gran might not quite have her profile up and running, social media isn’t just a young person’s game anymore and the above figures are from adult users. They’re the holders to the purse strings meaning they’ve got the say-so on buying from you – that’s your target. Facebook is the veritable Don of the social media world and it’s now racking up more video views than Youtube, you know, that site solely for watching videos… pretty impressive of Facebook don’t you think? And handy to know when you’re using video as an interaction tool for customers. 70% of all users log in daily, with Instagram fans not far behind at 49% (Pew Research Centre). Remember that these figures don’t take into account those who log in more than once a day or even multiple times an hour -guilty as charged!

We’ve seen into the future with our crystal ball and it’s definitely social media-shaped (true story) so it makes sense to create a presence for your business across a few of the available platforms. Most are easy to use giving you more time to focus on other areas of the business, and it’s generally free to create a profile so your bank manager will be smiling all the way to the, erm… bank? You can boost posts with paid-for advertising if you think it’s necessary but try creating an organic following first.

Social media’s trump card is interaction. Traditional marketing ventures can work in many ways but they don’t allow you to have a chat with your customers or respond to complaints. A great example within the food industry is Kraft. No one knew just how interesting cheesy pasta in a box could be until the company gained Twitter fame for their witty quips and branded themselves “the kind of company you’d like to sit down and eat with”. Get your comedy on and you could get yourself a loyal following of potential customers with billions of people at your fingertips.


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  • The power of social media reaches far beyond filtering photos
  • Boost your reach far beyond your local area
  • Social media’s trump card is interaction

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