01 Jun Top 10 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

Don’t let your competitors to steal customers away.


By Dan Cadden

Your restaurant might have full tables on a nightly basis, but if you haven’t yet embraced online ordering, you are missing out on a whole other set of clientele. Today’s fast-paced world leaves little room for error, and clients who can’t order their food fast from your restaurant will simply go somewhere else. Still not convinced? Consider these 10 reasons why your restaurant needs to streamline your online ordering system:

  1. Other restaurants are: Quite simply, to stay on top of your industry, you need to stay current with your competitors. Don’t make it easy for your competitors to steal customers away from you by refusing to join in the online ordering craze. Even the most upscale restaurants can benefit from offering online ordering.
  2. Gain new customers: In general, it’s the younger generation of millennials that are driving the online ordering phase. These customers are on the look out for new places to try but are busy enough that they can’t always take the time to stop in to a restaurant for a full meal. Offering a streamlined online ordering service will help attract millennials to your restaurant.
  3. Reviews: If your main online customer base is millennials, then you really want to make them happy. Millennials in general are more likely than older consumers to turn to the Internet to write and read reviews. Engaging with these younger customers by giving them access to streamlined online ordering that is quick and easy will increase your chances of gaining new customers now and in the future.
  4. Mobile ordering: What’s better than logging on to your laptop to place an online food order? Ordering online through your phone. And the best way to order food is through an easily accessible app that allows customers to quickly and easily place an order while on the go.
  5. Promotions: Everybody likes a freebie now and then, and your online and mobile ordering menu is the perfect place to prominently display your restaurant’s promotions. Encourage customer loyalty by offering promotions to returning customers, or simply offer weekly online only specials through your mobile app. Whatever you decide to do in the way of promotions, it will be most visible and shared when you display it on your website and mobile app.
  6. Habit: One thing about ordering take out is that it becomes habitual, and you want your mobile customers to get in the habit of ordering from your restaurant instead of hopping around between places. A mobile app maximises your restaurant’s accessibility and makes it more likely that your takeout customers will habitually order from your restaurant.
  7. Go big and go home: It might seem like people order takeout to save money, but in reality, people who order food to go in general spend more money on average than people who dine in at a restaurant. This infographic shows that people who order takeout spend on average 30% more than people who opt to dine in at a restaurant.
  8. Mobile coupons: Not surprisingly, mobile coupons are used more frequently than paper coupons. The above infographic demonstrates that mobile coupons are used on average 10 times more than paper coupons. It makes sense–mobile coupons don’t require the extra steps of cutting out and actually bringing it along that paper coupons require. Maximise your potential to bring in new customers and encouraging customer loyalty by including mobile coupons on your app.
  9. Payment: Streamlined online ordering goes a long way toward facilitating the takeout process, but payment can be a whole other ballgame. Mobile apps that store customers’ payment information makes ordering and pickup a breeze.
  10. Surveys: You can’t make your restaurant better if you don’t know what’s wrong, and offering fast surveys through your mobile app is a quick and easy way to gauge how your food, service, and mobile app are serving your customers. You can even reward mobile app users with a coupon code or other incentive just for completing the survey.

It’s no surprise or secret that smartphones are changing the restaurant industry, and now is a great time to introduce a mobile app to your customers. Check out our website for more information on how Connect 5 Media can help your restaurant or contact us today.



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  • Offer a streamlined online ordering service.
  • Get your customers to get in the habit of ordering from your restaurant.
  • Everybody likes a freebie.

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