07 May Why go Mobile?

Mobile is the way forward. Are you ready?


By Kat Nowotny

Ask around where people are accessing sites and information, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t say mobile. Everyone seems to be looking towards mobile. This can be shown by that for the first time google searches on mobile have surpassed desktop searches. (Adweek 2015).

People are spending more time on their phones and are using it to find all of their information. If people are making these searches on the go then it can also be assumed that they are making purchases. Apparently the average British household has an average of 7.4 internet devices in a household and the majority of that being smartphones. 38% of these people are using their device are using their device to shop. (Guardian 2015)

What does this mean for brands though? Brands really need to start considering this when they think about their online presence. Being on social media is a good start to get on the mobile scene, because users will most likely already have these apps for their own social media accounts, but this is just the beginning.

Your brand probably has it’s own website to show who you are and sell your product. But is it responsive? If you aren’t sure what that means don’t worry. It is basically does your website look good on various devices. We’ve all been to those sites on our phones that just don’t seem to work. Usually mobile versions of sites need to be simpler and cleaner in order to be legible on the small screen. If you’ve got that going for you then you’re on your way.

Next what about and app? It might not be perfect for everyone but if you want to be within reach of your customer at all times it might be a great approach. Your brand, your story and even your ordering platform can be walking around in your customers’ pocket without them needing to search. It is a great way to build a customer base, who are constantly on their phones anyway.



More Searches From Mobile Than Desktop
Online all the time



  • People are spending more time on their phones.
  • Have a responsive site
  • Want an app? We’re here for you.

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