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Turn all your mobile visitors into loyal customers and triple your conversion with a Shopping App that’s integrated with your store

Mobile App versus Mobile Site

*Proven by International research, like Criteo Research 2016


Conversion Rate


Retention Rate


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Why does my Webstore need a Mobile App?

Now that 60% of customer traffic is from mobile shopping, the mobile experience should be the #1 focus of every retailer. Mobile Apps are faster, easier, more intuitive, convenient, and have more features to engage with customers, like push notifications. They allow retailers to become a part of their customers’ daily lives. Therefore, mobile Apps turn your customers into loyal brand-fans.

Connect 5 Media have partnered with the JMango team to bring you powerful shopping apps that are integrated with your existing webstore. Hundreds of brands around the world improve their customer experience & mobile retention with a one of these best-in-class apps.

The perfect blend of proven, robust, tried & tested technology with total flexibility in order to provide you with a customised solution that won’t break the bank.

Platform Integrations we Support

8 Reasons Why Shop Owners love our Solution

Best User Experience

Our Apps are native for iOS & Android devices, making the App as intuitive, fast, and easy as possible.

Always the Latest Features

Our apps have all the features big brands need, yet at a price that’s affordable. Updates of new features are included in the plan.

Customised Design

With an easy drag and drop tool, you can change the look and feel of your App at any given time, without any additional costs.

+200% Repeat Purchases

The superior App experiences are proven to boost conversions and repeat purchases with an increase of at least 200%.

Effortless Management

Orders and payments are fully integrated with your store and payment gateways, making your App easy to manage.

Full Control

You have full control over sending push messages, viewing analytics, and updating your App. No need to hire expensive developers anymore.

Easy to Launch

Whether you build the App yourself for free or you let us do it for you, launching your perfect App can happen in little to no time.

Dedicated App Success Manager

You will get support on how to build, design, publish, and promote your App from our Customer Success Team.

Beating the competition with these features

Become part of your customer’s daily life and boost your revenue with a mobile App. By installing our plugin you can turn your webstore into a stunning e-commerce App in a few simple steps that’s fully integrated and easy to manage. Our App-features and customisable options are powerful enough for the big brands at a price that works for any size company.

Native iOS & Android

Build once and get native Apps for both iOS & Android devices. Due to the native technology your App is more intuitive and offers the best possible mobile user experience.

App Analytics

We offers you full insights into App behaviour. View reports on the number of downloads, users, orders, and average order value in our user-friendly App Dashboard.

Beautiful Look Books

Showcase your products with inspiring and shopable look-books that will strike the imagination of your customers. Create themes and stories that will encourage customers to quickly add the products to their cart and start boosting the average order value!

    Device Frame

    Integrated Wish-List

    Customers can save products to their wish-list. Even after closing the App, the wish-list will be saved and synchronised with your web store. Wish-lists are proven conversion boosters.

    Unlimited Push Notifications

    Other suppliers charge you for every push notification. With us, you can do the push messages yourself with unlimited access. You can even segment your notifications and A/B test for better results.

    Deep Linking

    Deep linking in push notifications allows you to link your users directly to a product page in the App, instead of your App home page. Eliminating the extra step leads to higher conversions.

    Social sharing

    You customers can share their favourite products with their friends on all relevant social media, like Facebook and WhatsApp. This is another great way to grow your App-downloads.


    Due to the native technology and integration with all relevant payment gateways, this App has one-click-checkout possibilities. This has a huge effect on the shopping cart abandonment of mobile users.

    Smart App Banner

    We help you to setup your Smart App Banner, which will increase your App-downloads. It will display when your mobile users visit your website and encourage them to download or open the App.

    So how does it work?

    The App build

    App Creation

    Seamlessly Integrated with your Current Webstore

    Our plugin integrates with your existing webstore, making the set-up fast and easy. It imports all your webstores’ products, prices, images, content and store-settings to our app builder in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is design the app into the look & feel of your brand.

    Full Design Control

    We Design you the Perfect iOS & Android App

    Looks are everything… The platform allows us to design you a stunning app that reflects your brand and gives you the freedom of changing your style whenever you want. Our experienced design team is there to assist you in representing you brand in the mobile space. Make sure your customers feel right at home when they use your app!

    Loyalty Features

    Push Notifications

    3x More Repeat Purchases with Smart Push Notifications

    Push notifications have an open rate of 90%, making them far more effective than emails. Connect 5 Media enables you to improve your results even further by sending out personalised push notifications that are based on user behaviour or user data. Customers who receive segmented push messages convert 3x more often than customers who receive generic ones.


    Create Inspiring Shop-the-Looks

    Showcase your products with inspiring and shopable look-books that will strike the imagination of your customers.


    Create themes and stories that will encourage customers to quickly add the products to their cart and start boosting the average order value.


    Save now, Buy later!

    Many users who click on your products are just browsing at first. We make sure they don’t forget about your products by offering an easy wishlist. Remind customers of their wishlist via push notifications and emails to increase conversion.


    Native UX

    A Quick and Easy User Experience

    Our apps are fully native, meaning the app is built for the users’ operating system like iOS & Android and can be downloaded from the app stores.


    Native apps have proven to give the best user experience, because they are faster and support an easier checkout. Plus the navigation is adjusted to either iOS or Android, which makes it more intuitive.

    Easy Checkout

    60% less Cart Abandonment with Simplified Checkout

    68-98% leave shopping carts on mobile web-stores without paying, due to the logistics of entering their payment information. We’ve created the easiest native checkout that saves your customers’ credentials, making their shopping-life much easier. Let’s beat cart abandonment together!


    App Analytics

    Put your App Data to Work

    Our app analytics and dashboard will make sure you always stay in the know. Get insights in the number of downloads, in-app orders, how well your push messages are performing and much more. This will help you to better understand your app marketing efforts.


    App Promotion

    Our Promo Team will get you up to Speed

    Our app promotion team will walk you through the platform and will provide you with the best practices on app promotion to get app downloads fast and easy. Think of launching a well-designed smart app banner on your mobile website that promotes your app to all your mobile visitors.

    Effortless Management

    Your App and Webstore are Synched Real-time

    Your app is connected real-time with the backend of your webstore, keeping both channels up-to-date without you ever worrying about it. This means all your customers get real-time information about stock levels & delivery and you just have one backoffice to manage your products and orders. Sit back, relax and count your money.

    Our Apps are Highly Recommended

    4.8 out of 5 stars | in all App Stores

    At the end of the day it all comes down to numbers.

    Case study: Cruyff Classics

    Mobile engagement

    App users view more products

    Customers who use the App view more products than mobile web visitors. The Cruyff App generates 3x more product views than the mobile website.

    Conversion Rate

    Easier checkout results in highest conversion

    App customers are more likely to come back for repeat purchases compared to mobile web visitors. Cruyff Classics increased their mobile returning customers by 187% over the last 6 months with their mobile App.

    Retention Rate

    Customers convert to brand fans

    Due to the superior experience and easier checkout, Apps drive a larger percentage of shoppers down the purchase funnel. In the case of Cruyff, the App is converting sales at 3x the rate of their mobile web.

    Like to see how easy it is to have your very own app? Feel free to drop us a line for a walkthrough the platform..